LIGHT LOGISTICS is a person-to-person distribution network enabled by the surplus carrying power of couriers. This is a not-in-time service; please allow for adequate lead time for your cargo to arrive. If you are interested in enrolling, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • 靜件號碼
    Dispatch No.

  • 內容

  • 出發點
    Start Point

  • 到達點
    End Point

  • 定量信息
    Quantitative Data

  • 慢遞人員

  • 物流情況
    Shipping Status

  • 附注

  • 媒體記錄



成為展銷場的「後勤」慢遞人員 TO BECOME A COURIER:


Complete the form below with your initials or code name, city of departure, destination city, date and weight needed or available to carry. A LIGHT LOGISTICIAN will contact you to arrange a suitable route! All successful couriers will receive a 15% discount on purchases from the catalogue.