How to Bribe a Cop in Columbia

A Manual: How to Bribe a Cop in Columbia

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105 x 150 mm, 88頁/pages
四色傳統印刷  4/4 colour offset
無線膠訂  perfect bound

語言 LANGUAGE // 西班牙語、英語、繁體中文  Spanish, Traditional Chinese, English
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE // 2015年12月4日
出版社 PUBLISHER // (波哥大 Bogotá)
創刊號 ISBN // 978-958-59560-0-1

限量500本  /  Edition of 500

產品介紹 Commodity Description




There are two parts of this book, the tutorial and the appendix. We provide complete information on how to socialize with the police at different stages of conversation during such an encounter. We also provide various case studies which help you recognize the cop’s intention to ask for a bribe, as well as verbal terms and body languages often used during the process. In the appendix, we list common wordplay in the glossary, and the “Bill Info” section includes stories of different bills as well as their nicknames. By the end of the book, we add up to 30 bribe stories that comprise a diverse number of contexts and situations within the limited pages of this manual.

In this book, we focus on traffic violations and police pulling over drivers, and the stories are mostly from Bogotá. But the manual can be easily applied to different situations in Columbia.

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A Manual: How to Bribe a Cop in Columbia”

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