Black in Asia


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170 x 240 mm,131頁/pages
黑白數碼打印  b/w digital print
鎖線裝訂  perfect bound

語言 LANGUAGE  //  英文 English
出版社 PUBLISHER //  Spill Stories(香港 Hong Kong)
創刊號 ISBN  //  978-1735469904
出版日期  PUBLICATION DATE  //  2020年



Black in Asia is an anthology of 22 black writers sharing their lived experiences living across South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Mongolia. Born out of a desire to spotlight discourses of racial justice beyond the western world, the short stories are inspiring and educational personal narratives offering a glimpse into the black experience in Asia.


參與者 Contributors // Bernise SPRINGER, Erica K. BUTLER, Monique CLAIBORNE, Harmony “Ann-Marie” ILUNGA, Melissa WATKINS, Kami ROSE, Felicia IYAMU, Trey HURST, Tone TWISTED, Lois OREKOYA, Charnell McQUEEN, Jessica O. ACHOLONU, Oni ANINGO, Renée SIMONE, Bryce HARVEY, Kemikal KRIS, Whitney CELE, Dyondra WILSON, Erica TYLER, Triston FRANCIS, Elika TASKER, James ACEY, Tiffany HUANG


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