Chỉ Bàn Lộn: Từ Điển Queer Và Tính Dục
Queer & Sexuality Lexicon

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95 x 150 mm,128頁/pages
四色傳統印刷  4/4 colour offset
無線膠訂  perfect bound

語言 LANGUAGE  //  越南、英文  Vietnamese, English
出版社 PUBLISHER  //  Ace Le (河內 Hanoi)
創刊號 ISBN  //  978-981-18-1235-4
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2021年7月

第二印版200本  /  Second Edition of 200


《Chỉ Bàn Lộn》是藝術家ĐINH Thị Nhung和Tường Vy及「Bàn Lộn-陰道對話」項目的參與者共一起工作時,收集並翻譯成英文的越南酷兒和性別俚語辭典。

Chỉ Bàn Lộn is a collection of Vietnamese queer and sexuality slang collected by artist ĐINH Thị Nhung and translated into English while working with Tường Vy and other participants of the Bàn Lộn-Vagina Talks project.


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Tường Vy和朋友們的經歷帶來了討論敏感話題如他們的「職業」、喜好和性生活時用到的豐富詞彙。「Saigonese pede 8x」作為《Chỉ Bàn Lộn》辭典的主要部分,是關於他們所創造的語言安全空間,而其餘部分則概述了表述身體部位的各種方式,以及如何在當代越南的語境下談論性。

Born in Saigon in the mid-1980s, Tường Vy is a transgender queer who has been subject to a great deal of harassment, especially by the police during gatherings around public gardens. She and her friends’ experiences have led to a rich vocabulary to discuss sensitive topics related to their ‘professions’, preferences, and sex life. The main part of the Chỉ Bàn Lộn lexicon, ‘Saigonese pede 8x’, is related to their creation of linguistic safe spaces, and the rest of the publication outlines different ways to indicate parts of the body and how to talk about sex in the contemporary Vietnamese context.


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