mình vol. i


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210 x 148 mm,22頁/pages
彩色噴墨打印  colour inkjet print
騎馬訂裝  saddle-stitched
帶藝術家簽名  signed by the artist

語言 LANGUAGES  //  English
出版社 PUBLISHER  //  Xen Nhà(墨爾本 Melbourne)
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2014年

限量24本  /  Edition of 24

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This zine was created on the Wurundjeri land of the Kulin Nation (parts of Melbourne). I pay my respects to the elders past and present of the Wundjeri people. I acknowledge that whilst my ancestors did not colonize this land 200+ yrz ago, I play a part in the injustice that still exists by occupying this place that has yet to be meaningfully and rightfully acknowledged to be the land of Aboriginal peoples. I would then like to say that mình is only a speck in the Australian narrative. Please take take time educate yrselvz about the history of colonization in Australia.

Xen Nhà

The word mình has several applications in the Vietnamese language. It is used as “I”, “you” and “we” and also makes reference to the Vietnamese body; from the shoulders to the tailbone. The core of the Vietnamese body is not the heart, but the stomach.

Mình maps the elasticity of gender, the body and the vietnamese diaspora through the lens of việt – lai queer artist, Xen Nhà.


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Xen Nhà means ‘stranger at home’ and is the artist persona of Thanh Hằng Phạm / việt lai artist & radio producer/ living in Narrm Melbourne / broadcasting words, photography, & skin.


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