Letters: The classroom is burning, let’s dream about a School of Improper Education


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128 x 203 mm,48頁/pages
單色傳統印刷  1/1 colour offset
騎馬釘裝  saddle-stitched

語言 LANGUAGE  //  英文  English
出版社 PUBLISHER  //  Ugly Duckling Presse (布魯克林 Brooklyn)
創刊號 ISBN  //  978-1-946433-50-3
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2020年12月15日

限量1,000本  /  Edition of 1,000

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「學習有多革命? KUNCI 的實踐顛覆了世界,向我們展示了如何在各種各樣的對抗中共同生活。」
— 斯特凡諾·哈尼

“How revolutionary is study? KUNCI’s practices turn the world upside down and show us how to live together in the richness of our general antagonism.”
— Stefano Harney

自1999年作為文化研究小組在印度尼西亞日惹成立以來,KUNCI 文化研究論壇和小組通過一起研究情感、體力和智力勞動的交錯,嘗試不同的生產和分享知識的方法。這本小冊子是一篇合作撰寫的書信式散文,講述了KUNCI「不恰當教育學校」(School of Improper Education)發展背後的話語,該組織將共同學習作為一種為社會運動創造條件的戰術方法。不恰當教育學院成立於2016年,是一種實踐非學習的途徑,可以將無知轉化為一系列生產工具,以了解當代社會生態系統和獨立藝術文化組織的思考。

Since its founding as a cultural studies group in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, KUNCI Study Forum & Collective has experimented with methods of producing and sharing knowledge through acts of collective study at the intersections of affective, manual, and intellectual labour. This pamphlet is a collaboratively authored epistolary essay that narrates the discourse behind the development of KUNCI’s School of Improper Education, an initiative that posits studying together as a tactical approach to creating the conditions for social movement. Founded in 2016, The School of Improper Education is an avenue through which unlearning can be practiced, where unknowingness can be transformed into a series of productive tools for understanding the contemporary social ecosystem and articulating the resourcefulness of an independent art and cultural organisation.


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KUNCI 研究論壇和集體實驗,通過一起學習情感、體力和智力勞動之間的交叉點上來生產和分享知識的方法。自 1999 年在印度尼西亞日惹成立以來,KUNCI 在不斷重建其結構、方式和工作方式。成立之初是一個文化研究小組,現在KUNCI的實踐強調通過空間創造、討論、研究、出版和教育組織的方式進行集體學習。 KUNCI 跨越並連接了機構、學科和地理之間的界限。 KUNCI的成員是非正式的,基於友誼、自組織和協作的原則。

KUNCI Study Forum & Collective experiments with methods of producing and sharing knowledge through acts of studying together at the intersections between affective, manual, and intellectual labor. Since its founding in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, KUNCI has been continuously transforming its structure, ways, and medium of working. Initially formed as a cultural studies study group, at present KUNCI’s practices emphasise collectivising study by way of space-making, discussion, research, publishing, and school-organising. KUNCI traverses and connects institutional, disciplinary, and geographical boundaries. KUNCI’S membership is informal and based on friendship, as well as principles of self-organisation and collaboration.


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