Domestic Notes Volume 001:
Home, Food


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148 x 210 mm,24頁/pages
彩色Indigo數碼印  colour digital Indigo print
騎馬訂裝   saddle-stitched

語言 LANGUAGES  //  英文  English
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2018年2月10日
出版社 PUBLISHER // Reading Sideways Press(墨爾本 Melbourne)

限量350本  /  Edition of 350




Domestic Notes is a publication-based project developed by Nuraini JULIASTUTI, using domestic and migrant spaces as sites to discuss everyday politics, the organisation of makeshift support systems, trivial matters, and gestures that are often overpowered by the usual formulas for productivity and stability.

Domestic Notes Volume 001: Home, Food contains notes and short essays about food, traveling, the imagined-home and the politics of domestic food. JULIASTUTI writes about her home in Surabaya, growing up with cooking and improvisations from her mother and grandmother, her time as a PhD student at Leiden University and her move to Melbourne. The volume is designed by Natasha Gabriella TONTEY, a Jakarta-based artist and designer.


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1999年,努瑞尼·朱利亞斯圖蒂在印度尼西亞日惹與人共同創辦了KUNCI文化研究中心。 KUNCI是一個研究團體,聚焦理論與實踐之間的創造性實驗與推測性調查。 努瑞尼曾在在阿姆斯特丹大學獲得當代亞洲研究的理學碩士學位,在萊頓大學獲得文化人類學博士學位。 她的研究著作在印度尼西亞的媒體和文化組織上廣為發表,例如 《Tempo》,《Kompas》,《雅加達郵報》,以及印度尼西亞視覺藝術檔案館; 國際藝術出版物有《澳大利亞藝術月刊》,《大都會 M》,《Afterall 雜誌》,《紀律》; 藝術家書及專著有阿姆斯特丹市立藝術博物館和 Sternberg 出版社為其出版的書; 以及作為參考的學術期刊 《Jurnal Perempuan》 和《亞際文化研究》。 通過KUNCI努瑞尼開展了一系列研究,並以舉辦展覽及聚會來作為展示和參與的方式。項目包括:《共同製造》(Made in Commons),展出於阿姆斯特丹市立藝術博物館(2013年)和日惹國家博物(2015年); 《熱帶非諧振:殖民地檔案中去殖民化的學問》(Tropical Dissonance: Decolonising Knowledge through Colonial Archives),展出於熱帶博物館(Tropenmuseum)阿姆斯特丹(2015年)。
Nuraini JULIASTUTI co-founded KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 1999. KUNCI is a research collective which focuses on creative experimentation and speculative inquiry between theory and practice. Her education background includes a MSc in Contemporary Asian Studies at the University of Amsterdam and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University. Nuraini’s research and writings have been published widely in Indonesian media and cultural organisations including Tempo, Kompas, The Jakarta Post, Indonesian Visual Art Archive; international art publications including Art Monthly Australia, Metropolis M, Afterall Journal, Discipline; artists’ books and monographs from Stedelijk Museum and Sternberg Press; and the referenced academic journals Jurnal Perempuan and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies. With KUNCI Nuraini has produced a body of research that employs exhibition and gathering as modes of presentation and engagement. Projects include: Made in Commons (2013) at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and Jogja National Museum (2015); and Tropical Dissonance: Decolonising Knowledge through Colonial Archives (2017) at the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.


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Home, Food”

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