A Memorial for the New Economy


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出版社 PUBLISHER //  Reliable Copy(班加羅爾 Bangalore)
出版日期  PUBLICATION DATE  //  2019年

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本書是設於班加羅爾的非營利性出版社Reliable Copy(可靠副本)的第一份出版物;《新經濟的紀念》的鏡像下載鏈接會在購買後完成發送。


On the 8th of November 2016, the Government of India demonetised all circulating 500 and 1,000 rupee banknotes without warning. This move suddenly invalidated these notes, deeming them unusable in exchange for any goods or service. Instantly, India’s heavily cash dependent economy found itself in an unstable position. In the months following this announcement, over a 100 people died as a consequence.

As a society we quickly memorialise the consequences of human conflict, natural disasters, and even of random acts of violence, but financial collapses and its human toll are often ignored or rendered invisible. Within this context, A Memorial for the New Economy proposes a publication as a memorial—one that is neither a grand proclamation, nor a fixed monument, but instead a document dependent on systems of distribution, access and exchange.

This is the first publication of Bangalore-based non-profit publishing house Reliable Copy; this mirror to download A Memorial for the New Economy has been made available with permission—the link to be sent after completing check-out.


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秦納·沙Chinar SHAH)是一名藝術家、作家、學者,也偶爾策展人。她的作品主要處理的是暴力衝突時刻下的攝影及其含義。她是「Home Sweet Home」(家甜蜜的家)創始人,那是一個使用居家空間來展示藝術品的展覽系列。秦納·沙也在斯里什蒂藝術設計與技術機構(班加羅爾)教書,同時也是《印度攝影:從檔案到當代實踐》(英國Bloomsbury出版,2018年)的聯合編輯。
Chinar SHAH is an artist, writer, academic, and occasional curator. Her work deals with photography and its implications in moments of violence and conflict. She is the founder of Home Sweet Home, an exhibition series that uses domestic spaces to show works of art. She also teaches at the Srishti Institute for Art, Design and Technology (Bangalore, India) and is the co-editor of Photography in India: From Archives to Contemporary Practice (Bloomsbury, UK, 2018).



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