Vanishing Point:
How to Disappear in China Without a Trace

$ 60.00

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120 x 75 mm, 70頁/pages
單色空孔版油印 single colour risograph print
騎馬訂裝  saddle-stitched

語言 LANGUAGE // 簡體中文  Simplified Chinese
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE // 2011年
出版社 PUBLISHER // Revolver(柏林 Berlin)&  Small Tunes Press (香港 Hong Kong)

產品介紹 Commodity Description


出版此書的目的在於供大家隨身攜帶,並在需要的情況下提供最佳的應對方法。無論躲避的是他人,還是政府當局,亡命天涯的原因總是眾說紛紜,良莠不齊。本書絕不鼓吹其中的任何一種事由。 想從社會消失的好理由有很多,壞理由也有很多。想從社會消失的好方法擴展功能有很多,壞方法擴展功能亦有很多。接下來我並不會太過深入的討論人們為何要消失,而是討論如何才可以成功消失。 人們因為各種各樣的理由在中國消失,有時他們不過是想出去走走,表達下意見而已。

The publication Vanishing Point: How to Disappear in China Without a Trace is an artist book by Susanne BÜRNER—a manual written in Chinese on how to disappear from society.

How-to-guides have a long tradition and have become a genre on their own. In 1971, Aby HOFFMANN published Steal this Book,  a manual on how to survive without money, beginning by stealing the very Steal this Book manual. In many cases, this form of ‘how-to’ has been used by activists as a means to comment on social issues.

In light of recent events today, the word ‘vanishing’ has become more important. Rather than being objected to someone else making you disappear, Vanishing Point proposes disappearance on one’s own terms as a weapon against enforced disappearance.

The content of the book has been developed by the artist’s research process during her residency period in China. The advice given is partially fed by the result of numerous discussions about the different roles of persons in contemporary Chinese society. The content is an adaptation of the original version, Vanishing Point: How to Disappear in America Without a Trace, published in 2006.

The information in the manual is open and not completed within the confines of the book. It is rather a collection of practical advice which can be extended and should be discussed further by potential contributors.

The book is designed so that it can be easily carried. Apart from being a manual, the publication could be seen as a travelogue of someone on the run, illustrated by the photographs of passing Chinese provinces. The disappearing person is physically part of the world but has vanished administratively. They are in a permanent state of limbo between visibility and invisibility.


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Susanne BÜRNER, 居於柏林與倫敦的概念藝術家,作品主要以攝影、錄像和圖書出版。
Susanne BÜRNER is an artist based in Berlin and London. Her work circles around the representation of virtual space and mainly comprises videos, artist’s books and photographs. She has widely exhibited: Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin (2010), South London Gallery (solo, 2009), Goethe-Instute Hong Kong (solo, 2008), OCAT Shenzhen (2008), Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch Berlin (solo, 2008), Busan Biennale (2006), among others. Recently she has been working on a video and artist’s book about snakes’ anticipation of earthquakes.

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How to Disappear in China Without a Trace”

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