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狗年快樂 Happy Dog Year 雞年回顧也同您踩進狗年

Cock Updates and Stepping into the Year of the Dog…

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尋 根 究 底 的 影 子 調 研   S H A D O W   R E S E A R C H

史 無 前 例 的 購 物 策 略   S U B V E R S I V E   S H O P P I N G   E X P E R I E N C E S
2017的書展 BOOK FAIRS
翻 天 覆 地 的 分 銷 系 統   D I S T U R B I N G   D I S T R I B U T I O N
↳ 二(手)山(寨) SECOND(hand)MOUNTAIN(fortress)
無 窮 無 盡 的 服 飾 選 擇   A N   E N D L E S S   G A R M E N T
分 類 廣 告   C L A S S I F I E D S
謹 致 問 候   Y O U R S   T R U L Y

尋 根 究 底 的 影 子 調 研   S H A D O W   R E S E A R C H
一 年 穿 上 的 詩   a   y e a r   o f   s o u n d s   d r e s s e d






familiar with the clothing go comfortable

Stop chasing fashion And keep the frontier

familiar with the clothing so comfortable

Stop chasing the fashion And keep the frontier familiar with the clothing so

comfortable Stop chasing fashion And keep the frontier familiar with the

clothing so comfortable    hasing fashion And keep the frontier

Familiar with the cloth        keep the frontier familiar



「山寨歌詞 THE SHANZHAI LYRIC」 2017年 @ 47 Canal (紐約)、The Stuart Hall Library (倫敦)、ArtReview Asia (待出版 forthcoming)、一份不斷增長的文獻 a growing archive一次採訪 an interview ⋯⋯



The SHANZHAI LYRIC is a body of research focusing on radical logistics and linguistics through the prism of technological aberration and nonofficial cultures. This inquiry into the glossolalic and supra-sensical text that often appears on counterfeit (shanzhai) clothing looks at how the distorted rhetoric of fashion and branding uses mimicry, hybridity, and permutation to revel in and reveal the artifice of global hierarchies. Real and ideal collapse in a lateral logic that generates new forms of agency among unlikely collaborators. Speaking at the seams of production, this work contributes to a post-colonial discourse surrounding the strategic use of language as a mode of resistance. How might new fabrics of relation be woven from the detritus of consumerism?

– – – – – – – –

鄭氏廣播電台第四期 Widow Radio Ching Act IV攝影 photo // 胡安 Ann WOO




On 24 November 2017, ACT IV of WIDOW RADIO CHING streamed live from the banks of the Pearl River into the halls of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London with a series of talks, readings, stories and watery soundscapes. DJs, hosts and participants traced a psychogeographic dérive together, broadcasting in motion from the late night streets of Guangzhou, over the Sea Pearl Bridge and ‘on the balcony’ of Soeng Joeng Toi.

WIDOW RADIO CHING rewrites a fragmented and amorphous ode to the hydrofemme as a sonic essay in (radio) waves, transmitting her as a multi-headed heroine who traces the fissures between bottom-up social organization and top-down politico-economic power.

– – –

ACT IV of WrC was made possible with the collaboration of Soeng Joeng Toi and Siugat (Qii Snacks Records), with additional shout-outs to Jade CHAN, Dongdong, Miaozi/Money/Big Beauty and Boat ZHANG. The recording will be archived and made available for listening online soon(ish).

史 無 前 例 的 購 物 策 略   S U B V E R S I V E   S H O P P I N G   E X P E R I E N C E S
一 年 做 小 販    a   y e a r   o f   b o o k   p e d d l i n g

黑書展搬嘢 Black Book Fair moving攝影 photo // 何穎雅 Elaine W. HO


『展銷場』2017年徹底入試(市)!我們的小販鋪了世界各地的書展攤位,參與了柏林Miss Read、曼谷藝術書展、Friends with Books柏林藝術書展以及香港首次舉辦的黑書展。

Display Distribute spent a good part of 2017 testing out the international book fair market, making cameo appearances at Miss Read, Bangkok Art Book Fair, Friends with Books and the Black Book Fair.

Miss Read 藝術書展 Art Book Fair攝影 photo // 吳索 Amy Suo WU

Friends with Books 柏林藝術書展 Art Book Fair Berlin攝影 photo // 何穎雅 Elaine W. HO

曼谷藝術書展 Bangkok Art Book Fair攝影 photo // Nunnaree Nao PANICHKUL

香港黑書展 Black Book Fair Hong Kong攝影 photo // 何穎雅 Elaine W. HO


In fact, one may locate within the work a sense of failure——financially, temporally and otherwise——but this is only when evaluating according to capital-driven margins of success. In an alternate lexicon, ‘failure’ reads stubbornly as the will to resist and indeed a stealing of time.

– 來自於「發行流通的美學:沿黑環而行」,《目錄》第二期,(新界:展銷場)2017年
from “Aesthetics of Circulation: Along the Black Rim“,『CATALOGUE』No. 2 (New Territories: Display Distribute) 2017

持續裝置與市場介入 durational installation and market intervention
印刷品、膠帶、硬紙板箱、名片  printed matter, packing tape, cardboard boxes, business cards
Festival of Future Nows; Hamburger Bahnhof 德國柏林漢堡火車站當代博物館; Berlin, DE | 2017年
攝影 photo // 展銷場 DISPLAY DISTRIBUTE


Approximately 100 copies of 『CATALOGUE』 No. 2 reportedly stolen from the installation above last September, calling for a few sales to recover production costs.『CATALOGUE』 No. 2, the second issue of DISPLAY DISTRIBUTE’s multitudinous part mail-order catalogue, part reader’s digest, and part variety journal, assembles independent publications supported and distributed by DISPLAY DISTRIBUTE alongside complementary texts.
Along with information and excerpts from over 60 publications from Asia and Southeast Asia,『CATALOGUE』also features:

“Aesthetics of Circulation: Along the Black Rim”, editorial by DISPLAY DISTRIBUTE
“Being ‘Manuke’: Uselessness in the Context of East Asia”, by photographer-researcher EGAMI Kenichiro
「song song || parallel」(AJAR著)
“song song || parallel”, by poet-publishers AJAR
「反常的基礎設施」(與藝術家-雜貨商Kate RICH的對談)
“Anomalous Infrastructures”, an interview with artist-grocer Kate RICH
“Things Are Circulating”, by artist-writer Ghislaine LEUNG

港幣$50 (歐元€5/人民幣¥42/美元$6.5)免運費,僅由「後勤」慢遞負責派送。出版物的流通串聯內容。
HKD $50 (EUR €5/CNY¥42/USD $6.5) with no shipping costs, delivery by LIGHT LOGISTICS slow-courier only. Content conflated with its means of circulation.


翻 天 覆 地 的 分 銷 系 統   D I S T U R B I N G   D I S T R I B U T I O N
一 年 作 為 讀 本  a   y e a r   a s   r e a d i n g   m a t e r i a l



此系列最新增出版物阿克巴·亞巴斯的《盜亦有道》,中英雙版,由「The Orphaned Objects」(陳璽安和樊璟怡)獻給大家[16],和槍手凯萨琳92295829的《尖刻的謬論:一位文藝槍手的選集》[17]。此特別版本不適用於網絡下單,但你可隨時聯繫我們进行線下購買。

The “SECOND(hand)MOUNTAIN(fortress)” series is a Display Distribute imprint consisting of bootlegged and secondhand editions dedicated by independent practitioners. Each book aims to find the shanzhai of its original, often including multiple translations of a text or related readings and a handwritten dedication to the reader. Others are otherwise out-of-print zines and other publications deemed worthy of rediscovery.
The newest additions to the series are [16], a Chinese/English version of Ackbar ABBAS’ “Theory of the Fake”, dedicated to you by The Orphaned Objects (Zian CHEN & FAN Jingyi) and [17] Sharp Paradox: The Selected Work of a Young Ghostwriter, dedicated to you by sharpparadox_catherine92295829. These special editions are not available for purchase online, but you can always contact us to arrange a low-cost, personal reading. Prices variable upon printing edition, please inquire for details.
二(手)山(寨) SECOND(hand)MOUNTAIN(fortress)
結存 inventory //

 [1] 張涵露致您的《明室》(羅蘭·巴特著)
Camera Lucida by Roland BARTHES, dedicated by ZHANG Hanlu

[2] NUMPANG讀書俱樂部致您的「對廣播的反思」(瓦爾特·本雅明作)+ 「開心國的工程師」(鲁道夫·姆拉泽克著)
“Reflections on Radio” by Walter BENJAMIN + “Mari Menjadi Mekanik Radio” by Rudolf MRÁZEK, dedicated by KLUB NUMPANG BACA

[3] 何穎雅致您的《黑環》
Black Rim, dedicated by Elaine W. HO

[4] 何穎雅致您的《藝術家工作中》(博雅娜·昆斯特著)
Artist at Work by Bojana KUNST, dedicated by Elaine W. HO

[5] 家作坊「萬物庫」致您的《「海報屋」土地、市場和經濟》(Learning Site著)
Poster Dwelling; Land, Market and Economy by Learning Site, dedicated by HomeShop “Ten Thousand Item Treasury”

[6] 茲克里·拉曼致您的《關於懒惰土著的說法》(薩議德·侯賽因·阿拉塔斯著)
The Myth of the Lazy Native by Syed Hussein ALATAS, dedicated by Zikri RAHMAN

[7] 張·派雷斯致您的《可溶解的魚》
Soluble Fish, dedicated by Jong PAIREZ

[8] 何穎雅致您的「中国“新自由主义”的历史根源」(汪暉著)+《社会主义手冊》
“The Year 1989 and the Historical Roots of Neoliberalism in China” by WANG Hui + The Socialism Guidebook, dedicated by Elaine W. HO

[9] 凌明致您的《美學的政治》(雅克·朗西埃著)+「雅克·朗西埃的政治-美学介入」(蒋洪生著)
The Politics of Aesthetics by Jacques RANCIERE + “Jacques Ranciere’s Politico-Aesthetic Intervention” by JIANG Hongsheng, dedicated by Ming LIN

[10] 苏珊娜·博施致您的《使用學詞庫初探》(史蒂芬·懷特著)
Toward a Lexicon of Usership by Stephen WRIGHT, dedicated by Susanne BOSCH

[11] 弗朗茨·舒伯特致您的《山寨:解構中國》(韓炳哲著)
Shanzhai: Dekonstruktion auf Chinesisch by Byung-Chul HAN, dedicated by Franz SCHUBERT

“Beyond Abyssal Thinking” by Boaventura de SOUSA SANTOS + “Exposition, Critique and New Directions for Pantayong Pananaw” by Ramon GUILLERMO, dedicated by LIGHTING STUDIES: CTCCCs

PMS70! by DANWARAREN, dedicated by ICHIMURA Misako

[14] 凌明致您的《十个词汇里的中国:山寨》(余華著)
“Copycat” from China in Ten Words by YU Hua, dedicated by Ming LIN

[15] 馮俊華致您的《新聯合主義運動原則》(柄谷 行人著)
The Principles of New Associationist Movement (NAM) by KARATANI Kojin, dedicated by FENG Junhua

Theory of the Fake by Ackbar ABBAS, dedicated by The Orphaned Objects[16] 陳璽安和樊璟怡致您的《盜亦有道》(阿克巴·亞巴斯著)
“Theory of the Fake” by Ackbar ABBAS, dedicated by The Orphaned Objects

[17] 凯萨琳92295829致您的《尖刻的謬論:一位文藝槍手的選集》(sharpparadox_catherine92295829著)
Sharp Paradox: The Selected Work of a Young Ghostwriter by and dedicated by sharpparadox_catherine92295829


無 窮 無 盡 的 服 飾 選 擇   A N   E N D L E S S   G A R M E N T
 一 年 的 廉 價 製 作   a   y e a r   o f   l o w – b u d g e t  p r o d u c t i o n

soeifo「水貨」系列  from the series “Soeifo“, 2017年
攝影 photo // 展銷場 Display Distribute

2017年秋天,海女(或人稱ZARA)在《Migrant Journal》(候鳥)雜誌第三期重新亮相,主題為「流動的陸地」,以新形象「水貨」系列刻畫了已消失的生產系統被衝刷後的廢墟殘片。

In the fall of 2017, the hydrofemme (otherwise known as ZARA) made a reappearance in Migrant Journal‘s third issue, themed ‘Flowing Grounds’, with a new image series “Soeifo” (2017 – ) featuring the washed up detritus of bygone systems of production.

– – – – – – – –


WE REVERSE FOR CAREWe Reverse for Care
絲網印滌綸 silkscreen on polyester
限量1,000本 edition of 1,000
part of “Gabinete da Moda” 展覽
Gabinete 畫廊; 葡萄牙里斯本 Lisbon, PT | 2017年
攝影 photo // 畫廊的實習生 intern from Gabinete

這件藝術出版物「水洗標」源自『展銷場』在里斯本《Gabinete da Moda》展覽的所作所為,形狀為幾個一百碼長的卷筒,是附有貼心關愛提示的限量版作品,目前已運回香港,可按訂購需求裁切。
The care label artist publication from Display Distribute’s contribution to the exhibition “Gabinete da Moda” in Lisbon has been shipped back to Hong Kong in 100 yard-long rolls, now available as a limited edition featuring new texts of sensuous everyday provision. Cut-to-order.


分 類 廣 告   C L A S S I F I E D S
一 年 的 慢 遞   a   y e a r   o f   L I G H T   L O G I S T I C S



緩件 HQL-204緩件HQL-204紀錄,芝加哥到香港
from HQL-204, Chicago to Hong Kong
圖 image // paperbridgeee

「後勤」借用人們在各自行程中剩餘的攜帶能力所搭建的P2P派貨網絡。2017年的冒險路線在、圍繞或穿越了香港、科爾切斯特、倫敦、北京、芝加哥、紐約、上海、廣州、深圳、曼谷、米蘭、伯明翰、萊斯特、東京、河內、新加坡、柏林、法蘭克福、莫斯科、維也納、布拉格、武漢、墨爾本、桃園、台北、新竹、舊金山、聖加侖、高雄、三興村、玉林和神奈川———以上城市皆受到了Lee ANANTAWATTom BAXTER陳思穎陳雅得張嘉莉 + 鄭怡敏東東方韻芝Annie GOH何穎雅何麗明<、みゃん みゃん李潁姍子傑梁志剛凌明劉女士陸思培松本哉MONEYNAKAJIMA Masakazu成田圭祐吳君儀彭灼楹 阿B泡泡paperbridgeee覃蕭施曲一箴Kaitlin REES李藹德桑田Jake SCHNEIDER申安君Stevphen SHUKAITIS曲若汐曾明俊, Nhã THUYÊN, 杜佩怡Chi TRAN張秀芳鄒怀杰涂朗Kyoko WAINAI辛恆楊圓圓 姚夢溪殷漪張小船張其聰張一智趙坤方以及一位匿名慢遞員的愛撫。


LIGHT LOGISTICS is a person-to-person publication distribution network enabled by the surplus carrying power of couriers. Routes for 2017 have ventured in, around and through Hong Kong, Colchester, London, Beijing, Chicago, New York, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Bangkok, Milan, Birmingham, Leicester, Tokyo, Hanoi, Singapore, Berlin, Frankfurt, Moscow, Vienna, Prague, Wuhan, Melbourne, Taoyuan, Taipei, Hsinchu City, San Francisco, St. Gallen, Kaohsiung, Sanxing Village, Yulin and Kanagawa, with gentle fondling by slow-couriers Lee ANANTAWAT, Tom BAXTER, Hera CHAN, Jade CHAN, Clara CHEUNG + Gum CHENG, DongDong, Vangi FONG, Annie GOH, Elaine W. HO, Tammy HO Lai-Ming, IGUCHI Mianmian, Fiona LEE, June LEE, Michael LEUNG, Ming LIN, Mrs. LIU, Stephanie LU, MATSUMOTO Hajime, MONEY, NAKAJIMA Masakazu, NARITA Keisuke, Krystie NG, Angel PANG, Beatrix PANG, Paopao, paperbridgeee, Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian QIN, Twist QU, Kaitlin REES, Edward SANDERSON, SANG Tian, Jake SCHNEIDER, SHEN Anjun, Stevphen SHUKAITIS, Solveig SUESSBilly TANG, Nhã THUYÊN, Nikkie TO, Chi TRAN, Simone TRUONG, Jair TSOU, TU Lang, Kyoko WAINAI, XIN Heng, Luka YANGYAO Mengxi, YIN Yi, Boat ZHANG, ZHANG Qicong, ZHANG Yizhi, ZHAO Kunfang and one unnamed courier.


目前為以下路線尋找「人肉慢遞」CURRENTLY SEEKING “HUMAN MEAT SLOW FETCH” for routes from:

上海 Shanghai —> Hong Kong 香港

香港 Hong Kong —> 倫敦 London

溫哥華 Vancouver —> Hong Kong 香港

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謹 致 問 候   Y O U R S   T R U L Y

Firecrackers to all this Lunar New Year, step on it!



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