ZARA (Ocean No Nothing)

$ 100.00

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100 x 145 mm,88頁/pages
黑白傳統印刷 + 定製使用須知標籤  B/W offset print + care label

語言 LANGUAGE  //  英文  English
出版社 PUBLISHER  //  建築研究中心  The Centre for Research Architecture (倫敦 London)
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2016年

限量1,000本  /  Edition of 1,000



In a myth spun from the synthetic threads of the global supply chain, ZARA is a multi-headed hydra regurgitated from the dregs of fast fashion spectacle. Between the aporias of seamless production and logistical space she finds new positions from which to contest the neo-colonial frontiers of substance and thought.


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