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Street Voice:One Year Collection

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305 x 205 mm,56頁/pages
四色傳統印刷  4/4 colour offset
無線膠訂  perfect bound

語言 LANGUAGE  //  簡體中文  Simplified Chinese
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2015年
出版社 PUBLISHER  //  眾意媒體 Genta Media(吉隆坡 Kuala Lumpur)

限量500本  /  Edition of 500

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產品介紹 Commodity Description






Street Voice believes in the importance of autonomous civic society and that politics does not have only one kind of meaning. The bulletin has emerged because of the regular muteness of Malaysian society. It is an attempt to raise questions and address concerns, to open up issues for discussion, imagination and reflection. Its masthead is “To support autonomous communities and the voice of the street, to actively participate in the politics of everyday life”.

Besides its experience with local practice, the editorial team seeks other possibilities, starting from the voice as a way to intervene in society and explore diverse “street topics”—from art and community building, impoverished youth, territorial disputes, and social documentary, to highway use rights, feminism, occupation, the civic imaginary, DIY media, volunteer work and the Umbrella Revolution. Street Voice also features an interview column titled “Street Persona”, which attempts to contextualise the experience of local and overseas social workers, activists, artists and others. “Street Premiere” is focused upon interaction with readers as a way to explore everyday topics such as freedom of the press, sexual diversity, the World Cup, etc. Recently, Street Voice has also begun the regular series “Screw Discrimination” to explore elderly, singles, race and weight-related prejudice.

The “Art and Literature” column seeks writing from different activists. Via their participation, observation and reflection, their words record the changing processes and background of civic organisation and social work in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia in recent years. “Streetside Club” brings a different perspective to news from various countries, and finally, “Street Storytelling” and “Street Life” both use a humourous approach to look at all matters of life.

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