Buku Cerita Tentang Agensi oleh Pekerja Migran
Ang Kwento ng Broker ayon sa Migrant Worker

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170 x 230 mm,印尼文版168頁/pages Bahasa Indonesia or 菲律賓文版150頁/pages Tagalog
單色傳統印刷含彩色插圖  1/1 offset with 4/4 colour illustration inserts
無線膠裝  perfect bound

語言 LANGUAGE  //  印尼或者菲律賓文  Bahasa Indonesia or Tagalog
出版社 PUBLISHER  //  台灣移工聯盟編輯出版  Migrants’ Empowerment Network in Taiwan(台北 Taipei)
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2019年





Published by the Migrants Empowerment Network in Taiwan (MENT), The Migrant Workers’ Storybook of Employment Agents collects stories of the blood and sweat of migrant workers in Taiwan. Translated into separate volumes of Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Thai, the various stories narrate experiences of being cheated, exploited, and maltreated by employment agencies in the hope of raising awareness of why migrant workers advocate the abolition of the commercial employment agency system and demand more government responsibility.

Please specify at check-out if you would like the Bahasa Indonesia version or the Tagalog version.

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The Taiwan International Workers’ Association (TIWA) NGO was established with the goals of enhancing exchange between foreign workers and local communities, improving the labour environment and social conditions of foreign workers, and promoting the well-being of workers’ rights.


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Ang Kwento ng Broker ayon sa Migrant Worker”

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