Concrete Flux #1

流泥 Concrete Flux #01
北京 Beijing

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210 x 297 mm
四色激光打印  colour laser print
騎馬訂裝  saddle-stitched

語言 LANGUAGE  //  簡體中/英文  Simplified Chinese/English
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2013年冬季  Winter 2013

產品介紹 Commodity Description


Marco Polo once wrote of Beijing that “it is impossible to give a description that should do it justice.” And yet, Marco Polo did provide a rich description of 13th century Beijing. Concrete Flux believes that the urban China of the present day is still impossible to explain and to fully understand.


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Concrete Flux is a multi-disciplinary journal which takes as its subject matter China’s hyper-fast emerging urban spaces, their meaning and one’s everyday experiences of them. We believe that a new configuration of space through urbanisation will lead to a new configuration of society. Our aim, then, is to contribute to some understanding of or gain insight into what these spaces, which seem to emerge faster than our minds can log and assess, may mean.

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