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2022-04-14,11:56 UTC-07:
慢遞員PFEIFER先生更新:「我和M約了星期三(昨天)見面,但是後來一整天都沒有她的消息;前一天(星期二)她以為是星期三給我發了短信,但我那天都沒在家;所以只能再想Plan B啦」
COURIER Mr. PFEIFER UPDATE:M and I agreed to meet on Wednesday (yesterday), but I didn't hear from her all day; at one point she texted me on Tuesday, thinking it was Wednesday, but I wasn't home all day; so yeah, on to Plan B for the delivery I think

2022-04-07,11:38 UTC-07:
COURIER Ms. M UPDATE:I am so sorry for the confusion and for not picking up the book; I had some trouble that in the car rental and by the time I sorted it out I had to leave LA immediately; I am coming back to LA between the 12th till the 17th of April; once I know exactly when I will contact you; I have rearranged my trip to go back to LA then San Francisco, so I can take the book :)

2022-04-02,09:55 UTC-07:
COURIER Mr. PFEIFER UPDATE:Never heard from M! Hopefully she'll reach out this weekend

2022-03-29,13:32 UTC-08:
New relay courier Ms. M contacts Mr. PFEIFER: Joe, if you are around your area of residence on April 1st from around 12:30 to 2 pm, I can pass by and pick up the book from you

2022-02-24,17:25 UTC-08:
Successfully transferred to courier Mr. PFEIFER in Hollywood

2022-02-23,22:27 UTC-08:
Before Mr. PARKS departs from Williams, Arizona, he goes to a Route 66 themed diner there. In the study of literature, there is an oft discussed trope of unreliable narrators. It is also sort of an implicit category of talk therapy, in the post-Freudian tradition. Most psychologists feel professionally obligated to not assume their client is a reliable narrator. The courier wonders how such an orientation might influence the patient's own sense of self, somewhat destructively, albeit innocuously so. Within his role as courier he wonders about the equivalent role for writing the logistics log, but here the unreliability would not emphasize narration in general but appropriate logistics log narration in particular. Williams Arizona is 60 miles south of the southern rim of Grand Canyon. The courier departed Williams Arizona finally at 12:05 pm. He drives somewhat slowly in his small car. He takes a long break outside 29 Palms at a pizzeria called $5 pizza from 8:15 to 9:12. As he ascends the mountains of San Bernardino National Forest towards Big Bear City, the courier begins to realize that he is actually ascending into a treacherous blizzard, snaking along windy snowy, slippery roads. Impossible at a certain point to turn back, the courier both embraces the extreme sport quality, and quietly begs for mercy from the forces of nature, under his breath cursing wimpishly — finding a practical balance between gameful bravado on one hand, and cowardly groveling before forces of nature on the other. He does not feel unreliable, in the sense of exaggerating the sense of danger he felt, for if anything its reality is a bit under articulated here. He accepts he is unreliable, of course, since as far as he knows all these bits of information are completely irrelevant to the actual task of logistics. He arrives in Big Bear at 9:43. He watches coverage of the storm on Los Angeles local news. He decides to stay an extra day in Big Bear City, hoping the descent from the mountain on Thursday is less terrifying. He plans to meet the next courier in Los Angeles between 3pm and 4pm. Six accumulative hours of HGTV and "Shark Tank" later Wednesday night, the courier keeps the TV on, only reducing volume slightly, approaching sleep in preparation for early Thursday morning departure.

2022-02-22,14:25 UTC-08:
Next overnight rest stop: Big Bear Lake Motel 6

2022-02-21,20:05 UTC-07:
Arrive Williams, Arizona

2022-02-21,11:55 UTC-07:
Receive item to be delivered by courier in Santa Fe, at parking lot of Santa Fe Art Institute. Courier is not well versed in language of logistics, so during his courier route towards the destination in California, he reflects on what might to suitable to record in the log once he arrives at his motel later and has time to complete a record. He was just telling his friend, one of the logisticians who set this project in motion, that he was interested in the ongoing relevance in art of appropriating formats and frameworks rather then some simplistic pedagogical fixation on the elementary art historical tic associating appropriation and objects as such. And then, that logistician, hands him a collaborative assignment in line with that interest, but already in this log he has deviated so far from emulating the language of logistics! So he assume the quota of allowed deviating, towards a non-logistical reflective log has lapsed too far even already. Other facts: the courier's car had new rear tires, stabilizing the next leg of the drive. The drive from Santa Fe, to a pet friendly motel in Williams Arizona was extremely windy. The car was a Smart car. The courier listened to conservative radio periodically. Since he, the courier, never hears about other left-leaning people, eaves dropping on right wing media strategies by listening to their radio, he thought he should mention that in this log. But not in the same depth as the courier thought, when he was driving. Along course of that leg of drive, many interesting things were discussed on the radio program of "Fresh Air" on the regional NPR broadcast and on the conservative radio programs, the courier listened to. If the editor of this log were to deem additional description as relevant, the courier has planned to make note of the subjects discussed in a separate log in greater detail. The courier is surprised to find himself concerned that current US president Biden may look weak as a statesmen in military contexts of international conflict. The courier had never imagined himself as advocating for demonstrations of military competence. Having been a teenager in the 90s, the courier is relieved to scan to a radio station playing Smashing Pumpkins, which seems to be such a majestic reprieve from the right wing media's predictable and possibly accurate estimation that Biden is a weak, risk averse president, in a moment where the Russian invasion of Ukraine seems imminent. The root meanings of words isn't a strong dimension of the courier's intellectual formation, but he assumes logos is root meaning in both logistics and ideology. The Smashing Pumpkins radio station announces itself using the passe, the courier assumed, or at best nostalgic, moniker he couldn't accurately remember aside from the word "alternative." Earlier in the day he had been wondering about the viability of drawing on 90s branding of alternatives, in order to advocate for alternative independent social media platforms in the current epoch. The courier imagines such a plug for that hypothetical trend could be a more forward thinking way to end his already deviated anyway reflective log. Landscape shifted from Santa Fe building code enforced pueblo style architecture, in Santa Fe, to then actually driving through Navajo indigenous reservations. At a gas station within reservation the courier noticed a Navajo publication, but did not purchase.

This is a branch dispatch of HQL-431
洛杉磯 Los Angeles  
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