Yabai Tsunagari

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148 x 210 mm, 55頁/pages
雙色空孔版油印  2-colour risograph
騎馬訂裝  saddle-stitched

語言 LANGUAGES  //  日、英、簡體中、高棉文  English, Japanese, Khmer, Simplified Chinese
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  Autumn 2017年秋
出版社 PUBLISHER  //  Radio Kosaten(東京 Tokyo/柏林 Berlin)

按需即印  unlimited print-on-demand





『YABAI TSUNAGARI (ヤバいつながり)』はラジオKosatenの年二回発行のジャーナル(定期刊行物)です。これは、ラジオの企画チームで議論された、トピックに関する参加者それぞれの反応、意見や問題意識を含む批評ツールです。また、内部での反省や批評のためだけでなく、ラジオKosatenに関わっている方以外でも参加してもらえるオープンなものです。それによって、様々な人と、今ある問題意識を共有し拡散していくための対話型の取り組みを可能にします。ジャーナルは毎年秋と春に発行します。

Yabai Tsunagari (translated as ‘strange connections’) is a Radio Kosaten journal. It is a tool of critique containing reflections of each radio participant in relation to the topic, concerns and issues discussed in the cohabitational radio programming. Furthermore, besides an internal platform for self-reflection and critique, the journal is also open to contribution from others outside the immediate Radio Kosaten community. This is to enable a dialogical approach to sharing and extending the issue at hand with different people.

The inaugural issue is themed ‘Withdrawal’. The act of withdrawal is not new to the history of man. Migration, escape, and simply being a wanderlust are told in different ways by different cultures. In fact, the biggest religion in the Western world came from the codified experience of exodus–a mass withdrawal of slaves from the oppressive Egyptian civilisation.

Today, the shared urge to withdraw from contemporary oppressive conditions remains the same. Young workers from early 1970s Italy, for instance, refused to work by withdrawing from the futility of confronting capitalism. Meanwhile, a demography of millions, refugees, consists of the people fleeing from the atrocities of war. Together they seek for their safety and survival. This extends also to the migration of people mostly from countries pauperised by colonisation, now searching for greener pastures in a land of plenty. All of this requires physical mobility and uprootedness. Recently, however, there have been some who choose to withdraw from the oppressive conditions of society without necessarily moving their bodies. On the contrary, they shut down their social spaces, isolate themselves from others and remain stationary.


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Radio Kosaten is a foreign migrant worker and precariat-run collaborative research radio project. The project recreates Internet radio technology as a shared laboratory space for subjective and social transformation more than a mere communicative tool for social media info distribution.


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