Jabnyb 冒险
Jabnyb Adventure

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105 x 297 mm,20頁/pages
CMYK數碼PDF文件 CMYK digital PDF file
騎馬裝訂設計 for saddle-stitch

語言 LANGUAGES  //  印尼、簡體中文   Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese
出版社 PUBLISHER  //  New Pessimism (日惹 Yogyakarta)
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2021年12月



新消極』應『展銷場』的邀約,在「東南黑書眾」項目中延續他們對出版界的基礎建設解構,並以新出版的小志《Jabnyb冒險》作為回應。《Jabnyb冒險》將一位仍在萌芽階段的九歲漫畫作者KOMIKWAWAWA帶到關於自我組織和教育的討論中來,同時成為了這次的出版物。《Jabnyb冒險》由KOMIKWAWAWA創作,他是一名來自於日惹一所替代學校的學生,他的母親Restu RATNANINGTYAS是一位藝術家和插畫師,也是替代學校Sanggar Anak Alam的一名講師,並且與「新消極」展開了一場關於學童、本土教育實踐以及邊緣社會生存問題的討論會。

New Pessimism was invited by Display Distribute to continue their deconstruction of publishing infrastructures for the BULLET TEXT project, and their response has come in the form of a new zine called Jabnyb Adventure, which brings the talents of a budding 9-year old comic artist known as KOMIKWAWAWA into a discussion of self-organised research and education, as well as into the production of the publication itself. Jabnyb Adventure is illustrated by KOMIKWAWAWA, a student of the alternative school Sanggar Anak Alam located in Yogyakarta. His mother Restu RATNANINGTYAS, an artist, illustrator as well as participating instructor at Sanggar Anak Alam, also engages in a discussion with New Pessimism about young learners, indigenous pedagogy practices, and survival in the outside world.

This is a digital download of Jabnyb Failure, originally presented as part of ‘BULLET TEXT: Piercing the Margins of Independent Publishing’ for the Trans-Southeast Asia Triennial (Guangzhou, 2021). Your donations in support this zine will go directly to KOMIKWAWAWA.


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新消極』誕生於日惹,由Riar RIZALDI和Natasha TONTEY共同創立和運營,是一個出版和視聽聯合體。
在這個不穩定的時代,我們必須承認,幾乎不可能以對生態無害的方式製作出版物。我們認為印刷的方式是罪惡的。然而,這並不妨礙我們利用物質生產的手段來轉化知識。對我們來說,物質是潛在的行動者。它們在讀者和閱讀之間創造了集合,我們用更多的物質污染了世界,但同時生產的知識通過許多實體形成的中介而被轉移,並在心靈(以人為核心)和物體(非人類的、重要的物質性)之間循環——從承載樹木的土壤到過著朝不保夕生活的手工印刷工人,到你的手,經過突觸的神經元,再回到土壤中分解。然而,我們使用的金屬訂書機可能對地球有害,因而我們為自己的虛偽真誠地道歉。可至少,這一切是我們在「資本新紀元 」時代仍然生產印刷品的理由。
Conceived in Yogyakarta, New Pessimism is a publishing and audiovisual cooperation co-founded and co-operated by Riar RIZALDI and Natasha TONTEY.
In this precarious era, we must admit that it is almost impossible to produce an ecologically sound publication. We sin with the way we print. However, that doesn’t stop us from transforming knowledge using the means of material production. For us, physical things are latent actant. They create assemblages between the reader and the read. We pollute the world with more material, but at the same time produce knowledge that is being transferred through the agency of many entities and circulates between the mind (human-centric) and object (nonhuman, vital materiality)—from the soil that hosts the trees to the precarious artisanal printing workers, to your hand and the neurons that pass through synapses and back to the soil where it decomposes. However, the metal stapler we use might be harmful to the earth. We sincerely apologise for our hypocrisy. At least, that is our justification to still produce printed matter in the epoch of the Capitalocene.
On the other hand, for us, the effort to build an imprint cooperative comes with an unprecedented price. With aims of making an engaging publication, we have to face the uneasy aspect of capital arrangement. Although the content in this printed matter is freely accessible on the Internet, getting the physical form costs a little bit more than most Indonesians’ monthly Internet bill. We apologise for that. However, we put our labour in designing and creating this printed matter, as well as managing the financial circulation in order to sustain publishing. The amount of money you trade for printed matter is to keep circulation alive. We don’t take any profit from our publishing activities. Growth and progress in terms of scale are not part of our priorities.
Lastly, we hope that the circulation of knowledge will keep vibrating, managing a vital discussion for a future that is not certain. A luta continua!


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Jabnyb Adventure”

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