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150 x 150 mm, 44頁/pages
黑白數碼打印  B/W digital print
無線膠訂 perfect bound

語言 LANGUAGE // 英語   English
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE // 2015年

限量50本  /  Edition of 50

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GЯΔPΣҒRUIT is an adaptation and mutation of Yoko ONO’s masterpiece Grapefruit, originally published in 1961. It is an edition of artist LI Shuang, published in 2015.


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yoko nono是李爽用来重新演绎一系列大野洋子(Yoko Ono)作品的身份。李爽是一名艺术家与作者,现居纽约/上海,或者任何地方。2014年毕业于纽约大学传媒、文化与传播学硕士专业。她最感兴趣“媒介作为按摩”的力量,特别是其与后殖民和全球化等议题交织后。
yoko nono is a persona of Shuang LI, the name by which she reinterprets a series of works by Yoko ONO. LI is an artist and writer based between New York and Shanghai, or anywhere. After an MA in Media, Culture and Communications from New York University in 2014, she has continued her interest in the power of the “medium as massage”, especially as entangled with issues of postcolonialism and globalization.


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