23 Formes en Élastique / The Only Authentic Work
23 Formes en Élastique / The Only Authentic Work23 Formes en Élastique / The Only Authentic Work23 Formes en Élastique / The Only Authentic Work

23彈性結構 / 惟一的真跡
23 Formes en Élastique / The Only Authentic Work

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148 x 217 mm,121頁/pages
四色彩印傳統印刷  4/4 colour offset
硬皮精裝  hard cover with sewn binding
加CD  audio CD

語言 LANGUAGE  //  簡體中文、英文  Simplified Chinese、English
出版日期 PUBLICATION DATE  //  2013年
出版社 PUBLISHER  //  撒把芥末 Sub Jam(北京 Beijing)

限量500本  /  Edition of 500

產品介紹 Commodity Description

《23个弹性结构》23 FORMES EN ÉLASTIQUE //



New work of Lionel MARCHETTI. 23 tracks. Length more than 77 minutes. Materials went through last 23 years of his field recording, composition, experiments and musiques concrètes composition studies. A backward looking by a forward creating. With this CD, Lionel Marchetti builds a labyrinth of elasticity, empty space, reality and its metamorphoses. A material world of sound.


《惟一的真迹》The Only Authentic Work //



YAN Jun’s writing with inspiration of MARCHETTI’s music. 23 essays on music, literature, art and everything. The writing has a musical style, as it also samples and modurates sentences, with the thoughts and works of Gerhard RICHTER, Guy DEBORD, PYTHAGORAS, Pierre SCHAEFFER, CIORAN, Baudrillard, Glenn GOULD, DUCHAMP, FOUCAULT, PROUST, Maurice BLANCHOT, RIMBAUD, Aristotle and ARTAUD

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    It looks very grand with all those chandeliers. coaiuntrlatgons to you!I like yesterday’s photo of your ‘pack’ with fox-man on the floor. I know what you mean with those ‘alone ‘ sentiments too…

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